BEHOLD!! A once in a lifetime FINAL CHANCE!!!!!! For 2 of the greatest!!

Recently maxyields began the arduous task of breaking down his Detroit facility to move to a new undisclosed location. Upon doing so he discovered an astonishing cache of beanz!!!!

In a dusty corner covered by boxes and an old banner ... he found 71 PUREMICHIGAN F1 and 40 PURPLE GARLIC F1 ORIGINAL seed packs!!!

This is a FINAL once in a lifetime chance at both of these F1 generations as my OOOZE male is long gone and the mendobreath f2 pollen from “studly” is also GONE FOREVER!!!

An important statement from maxyields:

These seeds have contained some of the worlds finest show stopping + incredible phenos in the past, however this discovered LOT is slightly DATED ... I cannot guarantee the viability of these seeds from THE VAULT! i will throw in a modern freebie with each VAULT ORDER!