In 2005, I, maxyields founded 3rd Coast Genetics on the shores of the 3rd coast—beautiful Lake Michigan! It is here that I began the exhaustive search for the utmost unique and remarkable cannabis traits on this planet … these would become the foundation of my amazing genetic creations! 

18 years have passed and 3rd Coast Genetics has produced some of the most incredible cannabis varieties known the world over, continually raising the bar of what cannabis can look like, smell like and taste like. Today we are proud to have engineered many of the worlds favorite strains: PUREMICHIGAN + TAGALONGZ + CADILLAC RAINBOWZ and of course our stunning OOOZE! 

With daily nationwide accolades and worldwide fame, 3rd Coast Genetics is widely recognized as one of the greatest breeders in the industry! Our commitment to the discovery and recognition of the wonderful characteristics of the plant will always keep us relevant … today and into the future!

Thank You,